Mehak Ali
2 min readApr 19, 2021


5 Characteristics Which A Writer Must Have:
1. Writing Skills
A writer must have some writing skills. He should be aware of using vocabulary. He can make his writing better by using good terms. His writing should be easy and strong, which can be understood by everyone.

2. Interest in writing
A writer must have a passion for writing. Writing is an expression of thoughts and feelings in the form of words.

3. Reading
The writer should be interested in reading. This reading may be about knowing his type of writing.

4. Knowledge about the platform of writing
The writer should also be aware of the writing platform from which he can get the start of writing in his spare time. This platform may be Blog and, Freelancing websites, content writing, writing a novel writing a book, writing for their poetry websites.

5. Having writing goals
The writer should set their motives for writing and should struggle hard to achieve them. Then the journey of writing becomes more interesting and beneficial.



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