A-Pro Tip to Increase Followers on Medium If You Have Not to Post Any Story on it
If you have a post your story on medium then you can increase your followers by making your writing best with the use of good keywords or by publishing Your story through the publication…

How Can You Start Writing From Medium And Why Medium Is Easy To Use As Compared To Other Platforms?

Today you will get answers to both above questions here
Start writing from Medium as a beginner :
I am telling you this in two parts
1. Sign in Medium :
First of all, open…

11 Ways To Keep Your Mind Fresh And Active
Believe in yourself:
You have to believe in yourself to keep your mind fresh and active. In any matter of your life where you need to grow up, First, you have to prepare yourself to get success. You have to believe in…

5 Characteristics Which A Writer Must Have:
1. Writing Skills
A writer must have some writing skills. He should be aware of using vocabulary. He can make his writing better by using good terms. His writing should be easy and strong, which can be understood by everyone.

2. Interest in…

My First Article
It’s my first experience of writing on a blog. so l am so glad during writing. The first writing experience is extremely difficult and confusing. But everyone feels excited during his first writing. I also had no idea what should I do?

Mehak Ali

Student of computer science, Writer, Poet, exploring all topics,and want to write on every positive and motivational topic which inspires everyone who lost hope

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