A-Pro Tip to Increase Followers on Medium If You Have Not to Post Any Story on it
If you have a post your story on medium then you can increase your followers by making your writing best with the use of good keywords or by publishing Your story through the publication which publishes stories according to your types of interest or by sharing your post on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp, etc

But I am telling you a pro and so easy tip to increase followers if you have not posted any story on your account or you have no followers or you may be a reader only.
Yeah really!

In a medium, there is a lot of community that only reads articles. In a medium, mostly community is very cooperative if you follow them, you will be followed by them. I mean in the medium blog there is a mode of following back.
As we know that
Love attains by loving other
Same as
Followers increase by following others
So funny words I wrote in the above two lines. It is an easy tip you must try. You will see effective results.
It is my own experience, I think most of you also tried it.

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