How Can You Start Writing From Medium And Why Medium Is Easy To Use As Compared To Other Platforms?

Today you will get answers to both above questions here
Start writing from Medium as a beginner :
I am telling you this in two parts
1. Sign in Medium :
First of all, open the app then sign in through Google or Email. Click on one option. If you sign in through Email then you have to put your Email ID and password.
In the next step, you have to select at least any three topics of your interest. Now, your Medium is ready to use.

I take this screenshot when I sign in through my email

2. How to use Medium functions :
When you open medium there will be four tabs
Home Tab
Search Tab
Bookmark Tab
Home Tab
At the home tab, you will find articles on the topic on which you are interested

I searched these screenshots for your help

Search Tab
On the search tap, you can search people related to the topic in which you are interested.
Bookmark Tab
On the bookmark tab, you can bookmark any article and read it offline.

Click on your profile there will be many options like Become a member, New story, stories, series, stats, Medium partner Program, Reading list, Publications, customize your interest, Edit Profile, Setting.
By clicking on the "Become a member" option, you can become a medium member and read articles according to membership.

By clicking on"New story" you can write a new story, give a title to the story, add picture links, etc after writing your story, click on the "Publish" option, your story will be published. You can also add tags to your story and change the feature picture of the story.

By clicking on the "Stories" option you can see your drafts, publish stories.

By clicking on the "stats" option, you can see your stats of any story like no of viewers, no of readers, and no of fans on daily basis.

By clicking on the "Medium partner program" option, you can join a medium partner program and start earning money.
By clicking on the "Publication" option, you can submit your story to any publication like The Startup, ILLUMINATION, Better Marketing, P.S.I Love You.

This is a startup publication

By clicking on the "Edit Profile" option you can change your Profile, Name, Bio.

By clicking on the "setting" option you can change the setting of your account.
Medium is easy to use as compared to other platforms

If you start writing from another blog or website then it is not easy to create and design your blog or website. There will be a lot of procedures for creating your website or blog. It takes a lot of time. On another hand, it is easy to create a blog on because it has no such procedures. On other websites, there will not be so much traffic for beginners and it will be taken so much time to grow up if you are not a good expert blogger. On the other hand, there is much traffic on medium if you write well you will get a lot of traffic. If you write a good Seo-friendly article, your article will come on the top of Google search top 10 websites.