Mehak Ali
2 min readApr 18, 2021

My First Article
It’s my first experience of writing on a blog. so l am so glad during writing. The first writing experience is extremely difficult and confusing. But everyone feels excited during his first writing. I also had no idea what should I do?

Which topic I choose for writing my first article
So I started to write about my own experience of the first article. Now, l am feeling so comfortable and happy during writing this article which is not difficult to write. Because it’s about my own experience, thoughts, and feelings.

Qualities of the first article
I also think the first article should be easy, short, and funny so that everyone can feel some interest during reading this post. It should be plagiarism-free and accurate so that the writer gets interested in it and follow your blog for new articles. Every writer should share his experience of the first writing which helps new writers and guide them during his first writing.

Mehak Ali

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